Griffin & Terrance Koh

Griffin & Terrance Koh

Griffin Koh 

Terrence Koh x Griffin Harmony Book and ONEDREAMRUSH FILM FESTIVAL

A Shaded View on Fashion Filmmaker and director of VOX HUMANA, Griffin produced a portrait series of Los Angeles artist  called Harmony last year for American Rag Cie Japanese : 10 Year Anniversary. The 2,500 limited edition book has portraits of Terrance Koh avant garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger, designers Rodarte, artist and skate legend Steve Olson and his son Alex Olson, actress Jena Malone, filmmaker and producer Griffin, musician Money Mark, producer Cary Woods, artist Liz Goldwyn and burlesque queen Betty Rowlands as well as many others. Here are two exclusive pictures from the book of Terrance Koh, Griffin and actress Rosanna Arquette.

Terrance was also selected as one of 42 directors in the wolrld to create a 42 second short film about dreams for Griffin's 42 second short film festival ONEDREAMRUSH  which premiered in Bejing last April and was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May. ONEDREAMRUSH will be relaunched on line in the end of this month. More information to come on the festival.



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