A Doll’s House

Anna Heylan opened her shop and studio in a handsomely restored 

1904 house in the middle of Antwerp, 3 minutes walk from fashion central,
the Fashion Museum (MoMu). She has installed her fastidious handmade dolls 
and rainbow colored clothes for grown up girls and, to celebrate, everyone
(after several glasses of champagne) sang along to "Love is in the Air".
The John Paul Young song from 1978  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HfSp_-6ahA)
 could be the anthem for the sexy 
Antwerp autumn so full of promise….
Photo#1 Anna Heylans' hand made dolls
Photo #2 Anna Heylan (with wine glass) with her daughter & friends



michael james o'brien
carpe diem