Mareunrols real London nightmare or how your jewelry can land you in jail

ROlands and Marite

Rolands Peterkops and Martie Mastina aka Mareunrols photo by Shoji Fujii 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Rolands and Marite might have called their most recent film Mr. Nightmare 


a still from Mr. Nightmare screening with ASVOFF 2

but they did not expect to live a real one in London last weekend. "I would have never imagined that the two rings thait I wore on 2 fingers would have gotten me arrested." said Rolands. 

The rings

"I got stopped by police and eventually arrested with hand cuffs. They took me to the police station at the other end of the city, interrogated me, took the usual suspect photo and fingerprinted me. I should have asked them to email  me the photo that they took. I told the officers that this was my first trip to London and that I thought that this would be the city of creativity, liberty, daring fashion but in the end it has it's restrictions. After many hours they took my rngs . One of the rings was designed by John Galliano and the other one I designed 7 years ago. It was a complete shock to experience the extreme pettiness of the British Police who completely out of the blue took my treasures away. I feel like I was legally robbed. It is still a shock to me." said Rolands.

Mareunrols won the two principal prizes at the festival d'Hyeres this year.

Another friend of mine was interrogated at the London airport for wearing rings that were considered lethal weapons but in the end, after much conversation with the authorities he was allowed to keep his rings. London police remain a mystery to me you get arrested for wearing rings but you can literally run over people crossing the street and not even get a citation. A year ago September that happened to my friend and I and it cost be more than  5,000 EUROS in  medical expenses, I still suffer from back pain and nothing was done to the driver, not even his license was revoked but….don't wear suspicious jewelry when in London or you just might end up in jail. What is that all about?



Diane Pernet

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