F.I.L. Visvim in Kyoto

Visvim shop Kyoto

Visvim Kyoto shop.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

When Hiroki Nakamura, the founder and designer of the brand Visvim, was in Paris with his collection he told us about his new shop in Kyoto. It was a doll shop for 16 generations.  Hiroki kept it pretty much in it's original state. He bought the building and gave the 90 year old woman that had worked there all her life an apartment upstairs. The 16th generation doll maker walks down the stairs and into the shop everyday  to arrange the flowers. She had worried that the spirt of the shop would disappear, she is very happy that nothing much has changed except perhaps the floor.

Kyoto interior 

In a few days Shoji goes home to Kyoto for his summer holiday and will visit and report on this lovely shop. photo of Hiroki Nakamura by Shoji Fujii while I photograph Hiroki with Samsung ST50. How slim is that camera?






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