A Short Interview with Gianfranco Fenizia new designer for Capucci

Stefania :When, and why  you
decided to relaunch the brand?

Fenizia :

It was a decision taken with
Daniele Ghiselli , he had already distributed the brand years ago, when the entire operation was decided by  Franco Bruccoleri. Both of us discovered the same
passion for the art of this great Italian designer, from there we
proposed the realaunch to Roberto Capucci that has immediately

Stefania :  I imagine  that you feel
the weight of an important inheritance,how much in your line counted this

Fenizia :

The weight is given almost from a not
easy economic moment for nobody, much less for a so-called realunch,
 but all that Roberto has made is full of energy and I often
have to calm myself and don't put too much.

Stefania :

You are an architect, what we can
understand from this background in the expression and in the form
of your collections?


Capucci was always been considered an
architect of clothes . Therefore I often follow him.But on this first collection I've
tried to introduce a Capucci not so diffuse, the years in which its
couture still didn't develop on the constructions that we all know, and that we  see in museum exhibitions. For
example nobody knows that Jackie was his customer and that many of
her famous tailleurs were from Roberto. However, already at that point we could see he was a  genius for geometry (in  1958 he created the