Dear Shaded Vieweres

I received a news and the images from a belgian designer Katrine Van Hecke about the Vitrine in Gent.
It's an event organized by Flanders Fashion Institute in Belgium.
They asked designers to make installation in shop windows in town.
The theme of this year was COLOR and curated by belgian art critic Jan Hoet.

Katrien says
I continued on what I did for my graduation collection. I created a dreamy atmosphere with one girl sleeping on the trampoline. The other girl, who's sitting behind the construction of threads, whit her hair woven into it. Both are refering to the pic from Frederik. 

It's actually very personal. Because I don't know which one is real. The twins are somehow stucked on the ground, dreaming of flying and being free, but something is holding them from that.

For me color is important. I do a lot of research about how colors react when their next to eachother. I still dye everything myself, I like the little spots that it leaves behind on the fabrics, and it gives a vivid feeling. For the construction of the threaths I used all the yarns which are leftovers from my grandma's knitting. '

The theme seems to fit to what she likes as she has grown up with painting and making them into her own shape and the sensuous universe.

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Glenn Belverio

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