Jumbo with Andrea Rosso the son of Renzo Rosso of Diesel fame and my Bread and Butter nightmare

Wed 18/01/2006 15:38 DianePERNET(953)
Wed 18/01/2006 15:38 DianePERNET(953)

Jumbo and Andrea Rosso

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Here is a quite unbelievable story. After the Miro show Jumbo and his friend Rossella Solmi of Seriel Killer Vinyl and I decided to visit the trade show Bread and Butter. I had not registered because frankly I had not thought about going since I am only in Barcelona for one day I figured that there was no time but I did not think that getting into a trade show would present a problem. We waited one hour at the Press desk and even though I showed the "team leader" a bunch of press passes she said that I was not in the computer and that I could not enter. Rossella called the sponsor of the show and planned a meeting in half an hour to take me in. Now normally, aside from Rendez-Vous in Paris, you can not drag me into a trade show. I also thought that I

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