Part 2 – Stills from a commercial that Miguel Villalobos is art directing for a Venezuelan Pharmaceutical House


Dear Shaded Viewers,

You probably never saw the dolls that Miguel Villalobos makes but I remember when I wanted to use one of them  as a prop in our  Hyeres video my team was a little disturbed by the long limbed, very skinny, saucer eyed beauty. We wanted the people that we interviewed to hold her in their arms and talk to her but that never happened. She took a long voyage in a suitcase, risking wear and tear on her hand crafted body and in the end she did not get the part. Of course what you are seeing here is something totally different but I cannot look at these stills for an ad for a Venezuelan Pharmaceutical House and not think of her.   The doll like figure here  is a bit more fleshy, not really disturbing but not easily forgotten either. Imagine the viewers surprise the first time that this appears on their TV screen. 




Diane Pernet

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