Akiko Hamaoka reports from Tokyo on Nobuyoshi Araki “69YK”

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday, May 25th was the birthday of Araki. He opens his exhibition every year on his birthday. As he turns 69 years old this year, he exhibited 6×9 photos all taken by FUJI GW 690III.

Here is a sneak preview of the exhibition.

Nobuyoshi Araki "69YK"
25 May – 20 June 2009
Taka Ishii Gallery
5F 1-3-2 Kiyosumi Koto-ku Tokyo

After the exhibition opening – there was a birthday party. It was my first time to see "live" arakinema which was amazing. It is a slide show but done by hands of araki's co-worker Shiro Tamiya and Ansai. It was so poetic – here is the arakinema "Koshoku Nikki – Sensual Diary". Don't miss around 7' 56 of the first clip – Diane is in!!!

Yoshiko was there too.

Of course there was a birthday cake and special guests – Komadori sisters : popular Japanese pop's singer twins since 60's.

At the end of the party, Araki's beautiful girl friend KaoRi was dancing for him.

After the party, there was the third party of the night – at the little karaoke bar in Roppongi. It was my first time to see Araki singing.

The long night continued…..