An afternoon with Roisin Murphy

Roisin's beautiful mother Family portrait

Roisin's beautiful mother and a family portrait

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last season when I was exiting the Maison Martin Margiela show I ran into my friend Kai Kuhne who was with the lovely Roisin Murphy. I was off to another show and they had a dinner with MMM. My show was in the total opposite part of Paris from the MMM dinner but none the less they insisted in dropping me off where I needed to go. While in the car I told Roisin that for the next edition of ASVOFF I was going to introduce a few new categories into the festival and that one of them was going to be music videos. As the festival is about the intersection between fashion and film why not show the role that fashion plays in music videos? I proposed that I'd like to make a short film about her and that it would incorporate her music videos. She liked the idea and this weekend we made it happen. I'm going to post some sound bytes from my videos later.

Roisin with Kai's dress
Roisin with a dress by Kai

Julia verhoeven of Roisin

Christopher coppins hat
Above, a drawing of Roisin by Julia Verhoeven, Roisin wearing Christopher Coppens hat

Charity by Henwood

Charley by SImon Henwood

Videos to follow…



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