Sarah Maher reports on Andrew Poneros and Tom Fruin Art Opening NYC.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I went to the opening of the Andrew Poneros and Tom Fruin collaborative art show "No Prey No Pay" at the Secret Project Robot gallery in Brooklyn, New York.
Andrew Poneros light box dog drawers.
An old Pirate slogan of plunder was the installation theme. Incorporating iconic mythological imagery of sea serpents, bottles, rope with light boxes, the electrical current of a Jacob's Ladder, mechanical spinning wooden serpent heads, fluorescent tube noose and animated shadow cutouts projected on to a giant factory the show was a comically dark commentary on urban decay and being civilized.
Birdy animation against abandoned factory and night sky.

I loved the bright teal tongue colors matched by Ariana Rolich's necklace.
Tom Fruin's fabric house lit from the inside and moving with air.
Artist Andrew Poneros [right] doing something Pirate-y with artist Chris Martin.
The show runs until June 14th at Secret Project Robot:Art Experiment in Brooklyn.
Sarah Maher