Life, Art and Us

Tanja on the phone Since Serbia is my homeland (which, by the way, I could not choose), I will try to present the creative spirit of it through the work of the most creative people living either in, or out of Serbia.

In order to understand the present situation, it is important just to remind you that Serbia was a part of a beautiful country called Yugoslavia, the country that was destroyed in the most horrible civil war during the 90's.
Nowadays, almost 20 years later, people are left alone to find their ways in this closed system, or simply out of it.

Talking about creativity, it is not easy to find creative people in Serbia, not because they do not exist but rather  because they are not present in the mainstream culture. Some of them, however, work hard in order to be appreciated in their own country as well as abroad; others are out of Serbia going their own way all over the world.
All together they are living for art and for the truth.

Tanja Beljanski
Fashion Producer
Editor in Chief 
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