Sarah Maher spends an afternoon in Kai Kuhne’s showroom in NYC


Kai and Lauren Boyle

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I visited with Kai Kuhne and Lauren Boyle at Kai’s showroom on Thursday. It was a lovely aftrnoon and Kai was a perfect gentleman and entertaining host as usual.

We spent the afternoon eating droopy yellow Easter Peeps, Googling gossip, watching Rita Ackermann and Grace Jones music videos and various shark-themed You Tube videos including “Shark Attack 3: Megalodon” which is just awful in case you wondered.


An overhead skylight lit up the tonal grey and champagne colors in Kai’s collection and I was reminded of the subtle but intense lustre glazes in the Beatrice Wood pottery pieces that I am currently reading about.


Kai and Lauren departed to attend a Dossier Magazine party and Carlos Valencia’s “Goodbye to Romance” opening at The Journal gallery.


Sarah Maher

Diane Pernet

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