Dear Diane, and dear shaded viewers,

Madrid. Yesterday. A new space for the young, underground, emerging talent and of course "Fresh" art opened. For this special day of inauguration of "LA FRESH GALLERY" gallery, based in the center of the city,  15 artists, Slava Mogutin, Riiko Sakkinen, Alberto de las Heras, Jaro, Aitor Saraiba or Rubenimichi amoung others, presented their work. The owners Topacio Fresh, and his husband Israel, showed all of us and the Shaded Viewers, the gallery.

Intro Topyeisra
The owners, Topacio & Israel.
A lot of people came to see the new gallery. 
The artist Riiko Sakkinen with is work.
 I really like the work of Riiko. It makes me feel very happy : )
The vase "miracle" by Rubenimichi and Topacio
The artist's threesome "Rubenimichi"
Topacio with our friend and designer "davidelfin" (He will show his designs in the NY fashion week in February, and Im very proud of him, I'll be there in NY in his show in Feb) I'll tell you more about him very soon.
Part of the work of JARO, sewn on  canvas. One of my favorites of the gallery.
My friends Emo with the stylish Juanma Cabezon (part of Carlos Diez Diez),
and behind the work of "Hugo de la Rosa"
Mario Vaquerizo and Olvido Gara (the queen of "la movida madrile