Day 1-Moment- Riga, Latvia

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I will come back in a bit and give you a little geography lesson about Riga but for the moment a few images of the cultural event that includes fashion, photography, music and art. Those of you that have assisted at ASVOFF in Paris might have seen the flyer which featured an image from the film Detective, a film by Kristine Kursisa with and for Latvia's star brand, Mareunrol. The designers behind Mareunrol are also the curators for this event, The film will screen tonight at Moments before Future Shorts, ASVOFF (mini version) and fashion by Ek Thongprasert, Liga Banga, Yuima Nakazako, VJ & Music by Pacific from Sweden.


Marite Mastina, Valentim Quaresma, Rolands Peterkops and Yuima Nakazako, creator of the amazing shoes that you saw at FFI Showroom in Paris.
We checked into our hotel, it's raining in Riga, and Damien, our charming host, took us to the Art Space, location for Moment.I'll fill in more details later.

There were two shows tonight the first was by the Italian designer, Filippo Fanini, he showed at ITS.
Filippo Fanini,

Next the Triinu Punaits from Estonia showed.
Triinu Punaits from Estonia

Great VJ's through out the night.

Damien and the artists Keta Gutmane and Krists Zankovskis whose ateliers we will visit later today.

THree photographers showed their work, I was totally impressed by all of them and suggested that they submit their portfolios for the photographic competition at the festival d'Hyeres.

Asa Johannesson from Stockholm showed her transgender portraits, I met her and showed her work this summer when she presented at ITS7, you can google her on my site for more. Ieva Epnere from Latvia showed a series of circus performers that she had presented at Arles this summer and Monika Pormale went to the lost parts of Russia and photographed people that had never stepped in front of a camera before. These were her first images. 

To be continued…..I have to get dressed and will come back to you with photos and more of Moments day 1….


Ieva Epnere from Latvia is on the left, Damien and photographer Monika Pormale with Ruldof Bekic the set designer for the event.


 The designers behind Mareunrol are the curators of the event…..
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