Day 3 Seoul- a day spent with Steve J & Yoni P and of course Graham Tabor and Akiko Hamaoka

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On either end of Akiko and Graham are Steve J & Yoni P, they took us around Seoul today.

Forgive these endless photos of us all. It was our first day out to discover the town, we were all together and I could not resist documenting our every move. The design duo Steve J & Yoni P are natives of Korea and wanted to show us their city. The two went to school in London and have lived there ever since but we had the pleasure of their company all day today. We started living large and ended with the night market where you can buy anything you want for about 1 EURO.

First stop was the luxury palace which is Corso Como in Seoul. I was quite impressed by the beautifully designed shop. The service although charming offered a bit of a surrealistic experience. The shop is huge, much bigger than Milan and the collections and home furnishings and accessories are immaculately chosen. However when Akiko tried to purchase Uslu Airlines nail polish it turned into a bit of a long and tiring experience. They sent one of the sales girls out to a stock room , who knows where, after she finally returned , she had the wrong color after a longer wait they realized that they were out of stock. At one point we left Akiko at the shop alone, at her request , and told her we’d meet up in a few minutes at the next shop and when we finally saw her they ended up giving her a gift of the sample because they were very sorry not to be able to satisfy her. It is a beautiful shop but the wait was far too long.

Akiko left at Corso Como waiting for her nail polish



I had written about the new Ann Demeulemeester shop for ZOO so naturally, I wanted to visit it.



Steve J & Yoni P took Akiko, Graham and I out to a traditional Korean lunch. The food could have fed about 15 more people.

After lunch we went to a beautiful tea house where we drank ginsing tea in a pagoda and when we left we passed this fruit seller that wanted to know if I would like him as my husband. I declined but he was very sweet.

Traffic in Seoul is quite intense up until 23h, we waited for our driver to pick us up and take us to the Suh Seung Hee show at the Seoul Fashion conference hall.


Then we were off to the Daily Projects shows and after party. Daily Projects is a shop and a show room and an event space with a cafe and a resto and our favorite spot so far in Seoul.


Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto and Steve J and Yoni P. We were all supposed to be sitting in the main room but I was quite happy on this super comfortable black couch. It was not that great for my photos so here are a few of the designers but not all of them.


Laundry 202

Rozalb de Mura


Lauren Kovin

And Beyond

Finale, ADD label from Berlin, they walked from our little room to the main room next door

KIIIM, after the show I met a few of the designers in their showrooms

Lauren Kovin and Olah Gyarfas, the designer behind the brand Rozalb de Mura and a few of his fans.

The after party Graham and Akiko and Juni P and Steve J

Junghee, the founder of Daily Projects and the largest champagne bottle that I’ve ever seen.

We started the day in total luxury and we ended it with a trip to the all night market, Donggaemoon, where everything costs about 1 EURO and people buy huge amounts of clothes for resale or personal use and then they sit on the sidewalk with their bags waiting for what ever transport will take them and their purchases to their homes.

the bags

I loved the sales girl’s hair so I asked Yoni to discretely take a photo so that she would be in it.

I know I’m showing you a lot of shopping bags but I really never saw anything like this before. Midnight and back to the hotel.

Akiko’s last night……

End of day 3



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