Melissa + Joy by Alexandre Herchovich

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Black & White Joy by Alexandre Herchovich

Two Brazilian heavy weights linked up and out popped Joy by Alexandre Herchovich. The question is, is it a shoe or a fashion accessory? Melissa is the global fashion icon that has manufactured over 50 million pairs of shoes in the last 25 years. Melissa works in plastic, last year Zaha Hadid gave her signature style to a Melissa shoe design.

Past collaborations include Vivienne Westwood, the Campana Brothers and Judy Blame. This is not the first time that Alexandre Herchovich did a shoe design for Melissa.

Signature to the Melissa shoe is their candy scent that takes you back to school yard days. I had the pleasure of visiting the Melissa concept store on my first trip to Sao Paulo. I for sure will stop by again in January when I plan to make a return trip for the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. I might also add that Melissa knows how to throw the best and most glamorous parties.



Diane Pernet

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