Christmas shopping with DOGNIN and party tonight at 23h at the Fleche d’Or

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In my last post I told you that I would be posting images of Dognin’s bags. The next 3 weekends you can shop on rue des Gardes until 20h on the weekends and l8h on Sunday. Now for Dognin’s bags:



Tonight if you like to wear make-up and high heels the Fleche d’or is the place to be. Entrance is free and you will find Romain kremer, la chatte, krikor, david rockmore, Tomoko and voin de voin, etc. etc will all perform tonight..

Romain Kremer this summer with my friend Lovey Marino. Romain won the award for creativity at the festival d’Hyeres last Spring and directed a performance at the Fondation Cartier this summer for “J’en Reve”.

BirdVoin de Voin performs, sings and is a stylist and he has been known to wear high heels.

For the rest, see for yourself tonight. LA FLECHE D

Diane Pernet

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