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Along with Vogue Japan, Robin Schulie visited Tranoi Femme. We both absolutely loved the way Manish Arora dressed up the Bourse.
Manish Arora does Tranoi

Melissa + Zaha Hadid

Chapter Two and their ZOO t-shirt and the stand at Jas M.B

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Sachiko Igari of Vogue Japan trying on the gloves I loved at Risto Bimbiloski, Jas M.B, the creator of my much loved bag.


Just before we passed by Paris Kain, the designer behind the brand Abraxas Rex told us how a friend of Karl Lagerfeld’s had made a gift to Karl of one of Paris Kain’s pieces, dinosaur bones, platinum-silver…. I’m sure that it was other worldly. Abraxas Rex’s pieces are inspired by the myth of Atlantis and by Gnostic texts dating from 200 BCE. In the Gnostic religion, Abraxas is the god of both light and darkness. Abraxas Rex is the first fine jewelry company to successfully use a Platinum Silver Alloy as well as merge stones from earth and outer space. No wonder why this was the perfect gift for Mr. Lagerfeld. Julie Gilhart wears one of Paris Kain’s gold surfer necklaces. Francisco Costa wears Kain’s meterorite cuff links. Along with being a designer and artist Kain is also a filmmaker. He’s developing a feature about his father, a rumored CIA operative. A James Bond character perhaps…He works with meteroites that have traveled for millions of years.

Kei Kagami with his hand made shoes and a piece from his collection.

Kei Kagami with shoes and wearing a belt that he designed

It’s raining, I’m exhausted, more showrooms to visit but…tomorrow is another day and a few showrooms will still be open.



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