No Converse – No entry

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Tonight I got refused entry.

David Herman and Magali Aubert (Standard).

The Converse party would not normally be on the top of my list but when the invitation said live Iggy Pop and the Stooges, I thought why not? I met my friend Shoji at the Pont Alexandra. There was a long line at 19h30, that was the time they gave for the cocktail. One hour later we are still standing in line, God only knows why I stayed, well, Iggy Pop. Finally we get up to the entry, the bouncer lifts up my skirt to check out if I was wearing converse then says, no converse no entry. I guess that is one way to sell a pair of shoes.


As we were leaving I asked Shoji if I should tell a few people in the long line that they were not going to get in, he said let them find out for themselves.




Diane Pernet

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