Craig Green carries the torch for creativity Photo: Filippo Fior / Courtesy of Craig Green and a flashback to Craig Green in 2011


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Craig Green in Athens April, 2011 when Vassilis Zidianakis at ATOPOS hosted Green for Atopic Bodies (Four): The Wicker Cult.

A visit with Vassilis Zidianakis at ATOPOS and Craig Green’s Atopic Bodies (Four): The Wicker Cult

I’ve followed his career ever since. Craig Green opened his brand in 2012, Vassilis Zidianakis recognised his talent in 2011 hence I had the opportunity to meet him in Athens at the birth of his career. Green presented an energetic collection that was both fantasy and commercial dealing with our common concerns, safety and protection, something that has always occupied his world. The collection is a little bit sci-fi and a little bit worker and 100% creative.



Diane Pernet

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