Martin Webb reports on STYLE FROM TOKYO & 1LDK

Rei Shito, formerly of STREET/FRUiTS/TUNE has gone freelance at


Here’s a member of the sales staff at Tokyo "select shop" Destination.


She also shot super-hot hairdresser Yuya Nara.


Below is stylist Jun Seki. The congratulatory poster reads: "1LDK – Store Opening – from John Lawrence Sullivan". 1LDK is the new venture from Takayuki Minami former buyer/creative of FACTORY, Cannabis and Sleeping Forest.


1LDK is one of the stores featured in the forthcoming MIXT(E) Homme Tokyo Menswear Shopping Guide (my informal title) that I had the honor of be asked to pen …



This store is the new project from Takayuki Minami, former director of legendary Harajuku stores Factory and Cannabis. Minami was instrumental in the rise of Tokyo men’s brands soe and John Lawrence Sullivan. The store is located in a tiny apartment, the type described by estate agents as a 1LDK (1bedroom+living/dining/kitchen area), hence the name. It carries a selection of upcoming Japanese brands like Soe, Marka, Gilet and Grime Effect, as well as a selection of overseas labels including Adam Kimmel. Patrik Soderstam and Frank Leder.

1A Mansion Suzuka, 1-8-28 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku. Tel: 03-3780-1645.