Tomas Overtoom at the Lloyd Hotel

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tomas Overtoom is the Creative Producer of the Off Schedule Amsterdam Denim Award Show, he wears his denim well…



I am back again at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, not exactly central, used to be a prison and seems to have a fascination with making bath tubs the centerpiece of the room. Tomas Overtoom met me at the hotel to make sure all was ok. I’m here for the Off Schedule Amsterdam Denim Award. First I thought I’d shoot him by the door but then I decided I wanted to show you the theme of this hotel. Still trying to figure it out….The menu is a little prison like too with boiled vegetables, then posh boiled vegetables then super posh boiled vegetables. I asked what made them posh, if you did not know green beans and cauliflower and broccoli are considered super posh. Actually, the food here is quite good.



Diane Pernet

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