Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tonight, as good ebay addict, I was buying some books when I found my t-shirt for 30 Euros!


As you know, Designers Against Aids is a non profit organisation founded to raise AIDS Awareness in the international media and specially towards young people. This year DAA have joined forces with some of the most interesting creative minds of Spain and the result is a special collection of unique pieces customized by famous artists, musicians and designers from the Spanish avantgarde. It will be exhibited during Benicassim International Festival at Mustang Fashion Area from July 17th to 20th.  But if you can’ t wait a week or ( unfortunately) you are not going to come to the festival… eBay is the solution. Every piece is being auctioned through eBay from 30 Euros.

My favorites pieces are the t-shirts of El Delgado Buil, Spastor,


my t-shirt for Neo2, of course,  Daniel Riera,


FAKE magazine and Nancys Rubias.


The auctions ends on July 20 and the benefits will be entirely donated to DAA to support AIDS awareness prevention and educational programs worldwide. Place your bid and good luck!

photos by Mario Martin.

Thank you Diane,

and welcome Giacomo!