Phipps F/W Show photos by Spencer Phipps and a word from Phipps

A note from Spencer PHIPPS:

I write to you today with great excitement and a resolute sense of purpose as I unveil the highly anticipated FW23 collection from PHIPPS. This collection holds immense significance as it represents not only our first season created from our new home base in the vibrant city of Los Angeles but also marks a transformative milestone in our journey as we redefine ourselves as an iconic American fashion brand.


Relocating to Los Angeles has been a defining moment for PHIPPS, instilling us with a newfound clarity of vision and a deeper understanding of our identity. The city’s dynamic energy, diverse culture, and unyielding spirit have fueled our creative fire, propelling us to reimagine and redefine the very essence of what it means to be an American brand. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and impeccable craftsmanship, PHIPPS has emerged as an iconic presence in the American fashion landscape.


The FW23 collection is a testament to this renewed vision and our transformed brand identity. Drawing inspiration from our rugged workwear roots—the very fabric of PHIPPS—we embarked on a profound exploration of weird Americana and countercultural outsiders, elements that have shaped our identity since inception. Inspired by iconic images from Richard Avedon’s “Into the American West” and the visionary works of artists such as Kenneth Anger, David Lynch, Alec Soth, Karlheinz Weinberger, William Albert Allard, Richard Prince, and more, we have reimagined the iconography of the American West through a contemporary lens. The result is a collection that seamlessly blends audacious uniqueness with a sense of familiarity, grounded in the enduring American spirit.


As we celebrate our journey of redefinition, the FW23 collection showcases the evolution of PHIPPS across our distinctive divisions. Foundational essentials such as rib tanks, boxer shorts, and our iconic unisex denim sets form the core of our collection. Standout styles from our LAB division, including chap jeans crafted from upcycled leather scraps and vintage denim, pay homage to our roots. Additionally, we have expanded our universe by incorporating highlights from our Gold Label vintage collection, completing our meticulously curated silhouettes. This collection represents the culmination of our design ethos, integrating the past, present, and future of PHIPPS.


The FW23 collection marks an exciting chapter in our growth and transformation, introducing new categories such as denim, underwear, and an empowering venture into womenswear. This progressive step forward aligns with our unwavering commitment to US-based manufacturing, reflecting our dedication to supporting local production and sustainable practices.


Our collaboration with Woolrich, a testament to our passion and inspiration, continues to flourish. We proudly present limited edition items crafted from their renowned deadstock materials, drawing inspiration from their rich heritage and extensive archive. This collaboration infuses the collection with a unique blend of heritage and contemporary design elements, reinforcing our shared commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.


To celebrate this extraordinary moment, we have chosen the breathtaking setting of Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California as the backdrop for our FW23 collection. This iconic Movie Ranch has provided the stage for countless renowned film, television, and commercial productions, including ‘Transformers’, ‘Men in Black’, ‘Hail, Caesar!’, ‘Coming to America’, ‘Wild Bill’, ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Jericho’, ‘Gunsmoke’, and ‘Little House on the Prairie’. The choice of this distinguished venue further enhances the fusion of fashion and storytelling that lies at the very core of our collection.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for joining us on this incredible journey. The FW23 collection serves as a personal manifesto, embodying our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, transforming American fashion, and captivating audiences worldwide.

Spencer PHIPPS




PHIPPS was founded on a deep sense of respect and curiosity for the natural world. We pride ourselves on creating collections that blend rugged, purpose-driven design with a unique appreciation for craft, quality, and an innovative focus on environmental responsibility. From its inception, PHIPPS has been defining its own rules for contemporary fashion and setting the modern example of an authentically responsible business, because we believe that global consciousness goes far beyond the way a piece of clothing is made.


MUSIC: Michel Gaubert

SONG: Yves Tumor

CASTING: Molly Ledoux



Photos by Spencer PHIPPS



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