Soomin Ha reports from Milan on Vivienne Westwood

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Spectators expect to be surprised at a Vivienne Westwood show. I have to say that the show was not a spectacle of ‘showmanship’ but her ‘Sober Stylish Nomad’ concept touched my hidden desire to ltravel. Her gypsies are rough, stylish and hard.


The ruffled shirts and high waisted trousers reminded me of travelling musicians that with her magic wand she has transformed into elegant , stylish men. Her palette boarders on the cool, cold, icy teamed with blood red, light pink and royal blue.



The wardrobe consists of an assortment of Indian Cashmere and flower prints, denim, window pane checks, tartans and various stripes for shirting.


Soomin Ha


Diane Pernet

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