Affordable Art Fair – New York June 11, 2008 – Thomas Beckner reports

Shaded Viewers….last night the Altman Building opened its doors to throngs of thrifty (and thirsty) art seekers. New and established artists from all over the world presented their works priced from $100 to $10,000.

Sous les Etoiles (NYC) hosted Pat Kurs aka Dollface and unveiled a beautifully packaged collection of her photographs. AWOL from Toronto exhibited some not-so-cuddly concrete-stuffed bunnies. Envie d’Art from Blvd Raspail in Paris had some amazing work too… It was quite a show and even if that 8,000 pricetag is just out of your reach, the conversations with the artists are priceles…

Check out more here (it’s all over on Sunday)


Marie Candylaftis and Caroline Horekens


Sous les Etoiles – Pat Kurs – Dollface

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Dsc_0022  Dsc_0021

Dsc_0011_3  Dsc_0013




Other Artists

Bottle caps, Buttons, and Altoids -check website for artist name


Dsc_0041_2  Dsc_0051_2

                                                                                        Bert Sterns was out and en forme



TAG Gallery – Nashville TN


AWOL Gallery = Toronto