Ohta and “THe Bright Garden Collection”

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It’s almost time for the 23rd edition of the festival d’Hyeres and I cannot help but think about Ohta who was one of the highlights from the last edition and who we were all expecting to see again this year. I am not very clear on what happened but below you will find some of his images. The translation of his original poem is a little free, English is not his first language and Japanese is not mine. None the less the feeling transcends the text.

This season’s theme is from an original poem, “The Bright Garden”


Unspeakable sadness looks over the cruel sky
An ancient bird calmly flies through time


Unseen loneliness dances glaringly with her swinging hair
The trio of falling snow echoing from afar is the last
melancholy melodie


Thoughts of young green frolic with many gods
This world of karma will become a certain garden

Sad green forest is a tale of everlasting harmony
Water mirrors loneliness and reflects a million
melancholies and a proof of glorification

Wish here lies the bright garden

Ohta speaks of his inspiration – “The Bright Garden”
“I know a place that sometimes I can reach through meditation. It is difficult for me to describe it precisely. Some young green shines down beautifully from up above, the air is fresh, some bright cubes flow under the white shrine and inside the cube, a huge shining stone exists. I named this place the Bright Garden. For this collection the process of arriving at this garden was developed as the theme of the collection. My mind must be calm to arrive at this garden, I wish that the real world would be such a bright garden.


Diane Pernet

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