Mario Canal: “21” by Teresa Margolles.

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

I didn’t post the exhibition of my friend and artist Teresa Margolles, hosted a couple of months ago at Galeria Salvador Diaz, Madrid. But I would like you to see it now.



General Views.


These are the pieces. They were made by an artisan from Culiacan, the home town of Teresa, and whom also works creating local narco’s jewels.


This is El Santo Malverde, protector of criminals. He was also one -killed by hanging- and is not recognized by the Mexican Church.


Bracelet: if you click on the image you’ll read the text that goes with the piece. Both english and spanish.


Some of the crystal pieces were taken from the corpses or from the street, after shoot outs from car to car. Most of them were young mexicans who would kill or die to get any of these pieces. The State of Sinaloa, and its capital Culiacan, are a big hub for mobs. And there’s a war going on there right now. Have a look at the press.

P.S.- You can also have a look on the piece Teresa did at The Passage Souterrain. She was the first artist participating on the project.