DINO DINCO : She said, “You look really tired.”

This morning, I had woken up just 30 minutes prior to hearing this from Diane’s sister, feeling actually sort of almost well rested, after our San Francisco screening of You Wear It Well. But I guess I, like so many pop stars on the brink of disaster, had the tell tale signs of exhaustion written all over my face in bold letters of black Magic marker.


Fortunately, I had a roll of Scotch tape in my bag, so I discretely affixed a piece to the side of my face, just outside of each eye, pulling the skin taut in hopes to not look “really tired.” I’d like to say that it was so hot in San Francisco that the tape wouldn’t stick to my face and the eye bags were inevitable, but no…this is San Francisco. In the last month and a half, I’ve been in London, Paris, and Los Angeles where summer means what summer should mean…hot! In the last month and a half, I’ve had great success experimenting with different sweat stain patterns on my shirts and contests with friends like “Who can take the most showers in one day to feel sort of fresh.” But summer in San Francisco means blinding fog and Arctic temperatures that make me realize how So-Cal my blood really is.

Our screenings at supperclub were fun and a big thanks to supperclubbers Celesta and Alex who made sure things went pretty smoothly all night. Tucked away in a private lounge, most of our guests arranged themselves on a giant “bed” to hang out, drink and watch our film presentation. Those not comfortable with removing their shoes in public filled in the perimeter of the “bedroom” on foot. It was really nice seeing surface magazine’s Richard Klein again, who, upon leaving, cooed, “That was really amazing…ciao!” Nathalie Doucet, President of the Arts of Fashion Foundation, introduced herself and after explaining what her Foundation is working on, we later met with her to talk about joining forces for an upcoming AF fashion event at the University of North Texas. Nice Collective’s Joe and Ian graced me with their presence for the second time this week, accompanied by painter John Stewart and his cool girlfriend, Heather. Independent art curators Linda Hughes and Eric Bakke (who will soon wed) arrived with big daddy Bill Moreno, who just stepped down as director for the Mexican Museum here in SF. (And is wisely moving to Los Angeles soon!) Graphic designer Rich Hansen arrived with his lovely and totally rad wife, hair stylist Krystie. Readers may remember me writing about a “penis book” that I shot over a year ago (shooting photographs of the penises, both flaccid and erect, of over 100 men in San Francisco.) Said “penis book” (entitled “Members Only”) was the idea of Rich Hansen, who will never fail to quickly work in the fact that he’s heterosexual into any conversation or interview about this book project. As I am both juvenile and crass by nature, I typically will then discretely gesture the universal sign for “blowjob” in an attempt to undermine Rich’s “casual” clarification of his orientation. An elegant young man showed up for the screening, dressed in a pale yellow three piece suit and looking like a million bucks. Within the same breath, he mentioned that he was still in high school AND was a good friend of Glenn Belvario. (Needless to say, we all had a lot to talk about at lunch today.)

Here’s a view of the space, while Diane’s “Portrait of a Consumer” (an interview with James Goldstein) was on screen.


supperclub: the ceiling in the lounge next to our screening room (an homage to a classic photo by one of my heroes, William Eggleston)


I headed out with friends for dinner after the screenings, to the Tenderloin OSHA where I indulged in one of my favorite desserts ever, fresh mango slices with warm sticky rice (saturated with coconut milk).

Today, we followed up with Nathalie Doucet about our possible Texan adventure, followed by a tour of the impressive Museum of African Diaspora just around the corner. MOAD just opened last December and I recommend a visit, especially to view Carrie Mae Weems’s powerful exhibition, “The Lousiana Project.”

Here’s what we really want to know:


A much needed siesta in Dolores Park, where I’m trying to reverse the Dracula process.


— dino

P.S. Moments before the first supperclub screening began, Diane announced: “Let’s do an audience selection here too.” Although it was unplanned, I had luckily stashed blank ballots in the trunk of my car which we quickly distributed. And the audeince winner was…..

Liam Sullivan and his film, “Shoes”