El Pais in the Sunday Special Fashion Magazine supplement

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Thanks to Mario Canal, I heard that I appear in the Special Fashion Magazine supplement of El Pais today. Of course, aside from telling me that it made him smile, I have no idea what it says and this is the only image of the magazine that I have. Looks comfortable on Mario’s bed in his new apartment.


If any of my Shaded Viewers in Spain have a copy and would like to translate it for me, please do. You can easily find El Pais here but unfortunately not with the magazine supplement. The photo is by Miguel Villalobos.

I have the coolest Shaded Viewers, within no time I received the translation from Itzi and the scan from DFC, thank you both.



P.S. Happy 25th birthday to Shaded Contributor Yoanne Lemoine. In addition to his many accomplishments as a filmmaker, director and illustrator, Friday he signed a contract with Polydor Records as a jazz/folk singer. I’m looking forward to his first album. I never even knew that he could sing….guess I had not read his myspace page.

Diane Pernet

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