Thousands of men have had the pleasure of waking up with Bruce Benderson.

(And some of those men collect some cold, hard cash on the way out the door. Cha-ching!)

Bruce is one of my favorite living authors. So much so that I invited myself along with him on his West Coast promo tour for his memoir, “The Romanian.” (http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/2006/02/dino_dinco_on_t.html) (http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/2006/02/dino_dinco_trai.html) (http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/2006/03/dino_dinco_port.html)

Traveling with Bruce was ssuuppeerr fun, even when he was rejecting the hustlers I was wrangling for him as “not skinny, not hairless enough.” After hours of “casting” in busy male hooker zones, night after night, I lost it and screamed, “I’ve been out on the street all night long for you! My feet hurt and one of those fuckers tried to jack my wallet. Too bad he was too crystaled out to fight. You want skinny and hairless? Here, bitch!”, chucking a Japanese eggplant at his head. “I’m going to bed!!”

Anyway, I will gladly go on the road with Bruce… anywhere and anytime

During my recent 30.2 hour trip to New York for YOU WEAR IT WELL, I had the pleasure of waking up with Bruce and having breakfast with him before I went home. We had lots to catch up on at Junior’s greasy, greasy diner, near my Times Square hotel…

(too fucking early….)

Superman Bruce has been busy busy busy and has 4 (FOUR!) books coming out very soon. He was on his way to France for the release of the first two. I asked him to give me info on all four, to make it easy for you to hit up Amazon (or better yet, an independent bookseller) to scoop them all up.

(This also means that I smell a fun trip I can invite myself along for in the near future…)