the tsukiji fish market with Akiko Hamaoka

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Today i went to the tsukiji fish market
as my friends eva and kira from ninedaughtersandastereo are in town.


the auction was finished but still a lot of tuna were laying on the ground
frozen and raw tunas …

the photos are from my mobile so they may be too small…

todays japan times said that the market does not want tourists coming to the fish market
as they are interrupting their business… New rules will be introduced in April making tourists apply for permission if they want to come but since everyone does not know about the rules yet…you can still come and visit.

Best from Tokyo,

Akiko Hamaoka

p.s. styroform was used to carry fish
but as there are too many they destroy them at the market!

Diane Pernet

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