Christopher Franko and Miguel Villalobos on the Yohji Yamamoto /Y-3 store opening in NYC

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Last night there was a joint opening at Yohji Yamamoto and the Y 3 store.


It was like a gentle inch worm making it’s way across the cobblestones. Residents and onlookers were fascinated.

One of the crew took me up on a crane for this night shot. Inside there were more than 400 guests. The actual store is a nearly perfect brick triangle.

Here are Carla from YY and Lee from Y-3 giving things the final once-over. The blue box in the distance is the Y-3 store.

the view from inside the Y-3 ice bar.

All photos and text by Chris Franko.

Photos below are by Miguel Villalobos.


Geo from the, Sophia Lamari, Chris Franco and Graham Tabor and an inside shot of the shop.
Zaldy and Dimitri

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