Laterst work by Satch Hoyt

Satch Hoyt and his NEVERLAST project

Dear Shaded Viewers,

London born, currently based in Berlin, Satch Hoyt is a musician, a poet, an artist and my dear friend. He’s just back from China and stopped by to show me his latest art project, NEVERLAST.


Another Type of Patois

He danced his way into the ring
and danced his way out.
It was like he had Elvin Jones in his left boot,
and Tony Williams in the right,
those two iconic drummers
that taught rhythm about beat.
All his disenfranchised pent up rage
got translated into another type of patois
when it hit that region below the knee.
All the Hip Hop and Samba
all the black bottom stomp,
the Tango and the Rumba,
was majestically conducted by the flick of his wrists
into his whistling rope.

Satch Hoyt


Way Beyond the Shadows

I’m dancing,
got to keep dancing,
Out of reach,
way beyond the shadows
One millisecond of miscalculation
And you’re history.
I’m bouncing,
got to keep bouncing,
On the balls of my feet,
I attack and I retreat,
In syncopated rhythem,Yeah im
Sooo in rhythm,
with the rhythm that’s got beat.



Diane Pernet

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