Rozalb de Mura -fashion from Romania


Rozalb de Mura -“The Thing”
fall winter 2008-2009
“In previous studies of the effects of cooling and solidification of magma flows, we have been able to identify the composition of all elements lying beneath the solidified crust. In the case of Exhibit No. 1, which due to its mysterious nature, we’ll hence name “The Thing”, no information is provided as to the morphology and hazards of its coming into being.

Rozalb de Mura at Pret a Porter CASABO Section (booth C 344);

IDEAL BERLIN (31 January – 2 February 2008) catwalk show on 2nd of February 2008 at Villa Noir in the framework of IDEAL Fashion Show & VILLA NOIR
New York for The train (9 – 11 February 2008).

Diane Pernet

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