Sao Paulo Fashion Week Day 4

Dear Shaded Viewers,


It might be summer but it is raining in Sao Paulo and I missed my friends the giraffes today.

It was really sweet to meet these two guys. They told me that ever since they saw me on Fashion Files that I have been their muse. Of course, I never saw myself on Fashion Files…


One of our minders and Leon ‘I look beautiful from every angle’ Gurfein.


Robb ‘Forever’ Young and Sameer ‘High Life’ Reddy

Osklen – photos by Agencia Fotosite

Osklen – photos by Agencia Fotosite

Osklen – photos by Agencia Fotosite

Lost in translation – photos by Daniel Wakahisa

There was a press conference with the Minister of Culture and Paulo Borges, the founder of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. I might add that Brazil probably has the coolest Minister of Culture on the planet, when I mentioned that to Gilberto Gil he could not help but agree, well, there would be no point in denying that. He spoke about the Amazon and it’s progress and about world recognition for Brazil.


There was also a q and a where he responded to questions about the lack of funding for fashion projects and also the lack of fashion courses in the public schools. There is nothing planned to move things forward there before another decade, he said the industry is new here and progress takes time. None the less, there is progress. When asked about his own personal style he said that he believes in elegance and that elegance has nothing to do with money. He was however wearing a Prada jacket and laughed about that.

Lino Villaventura photos by Agencia Fotosite

Lino Villaventura photos by Agencia Fotosite

Animale photos by Agencia Fotosite

Animale photos by Agencia Fotosite

Had a quiet dinner in the hotel with Robb ‘Forever’ Young and Sameer ‘High Life’ Reddy.



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