The Business of Fashion -Ungaro: Esteban Cortazar revisited

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There is a very interesting piece today on the Business of Fashion about Ungaro: Esteban Cortazar revisited. Here is an excerpt, I highly recommend a visit to the site to finish the good read

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Why did so many designers turn down such a plum post?
Does Cathy Horyn have the right to comment on designer appointments?
Shouldn’t we give Esteban Cortazar a chance?

Why did so many designers turn down such a plum post?
One well-known fashion insider sent a message saying that they were in complete agreement with Cathy Horyn’s apparent view that this was another poor choice by Ungaro, and wondered why Marios Schwab turned down the job. Anjo asked the same question in her comment, wondering what it is about Moufarrige’s management style that is so off-putting.

The answer to this question may be found in another email we received today. A regular BoF reader wrote in to say that Mr. Mouffarige is “possibly the most unpleasant man I’ve ever come across in the Industry”. This is consistent with the comments that have been spreading throughout the fashion community over the past 6 months. Nobody wants to work with difficult people — and this is not particular to the fashion industry.

However, the negative comments about Moufarrige are not conclusive, especially given that he has a strong track-record at some of Richemont’s premier brands, including Chlo

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