Joyce Ma retires and Adrienne Ma ventures out on her own

Joyce and Adrienne Ma

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I have only fond memories of the years that I spent as Joyce Ma’s fashion editor. Joyce (HK) magazine closed when Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997. Since then it is always a great pleasure for me to run into Joyce and her daughter, Adrienne. Today I received the news that the Ma family, all three of them, decided to leave simultaneously. Walter Ma was not about to stay on if his wife, Joyce Ma decided to retire and his daughter, Adrienne Ma wanted to carve her own future.

Joyce and Adrienne Ma

As such, they have resigned from the company but they will be staying on as non-Executive Directors till the general offer (Joyce will be privatized) has been completed. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has posted a brief announcement on their website last night and some newspapers have caught on with the news, and have started writing about it today.

“It was a very amicable departure with the Woo family but of course our staff is all very heart broken and most cried

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