Tea, dinner and the Fly Party

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Usually there is no time to eat or relax with friends and by the end of the day I cannot imagine going out and having dinner because I know that when I get back home I will have another 3 hours of work in front of the computer. My friends Graham Tabor of FLY and photographer Miguel Villalobos, have been talking about the amazing Maison des Trois Thes for about a year now and today we decided we had to make the time so we went there and tasted 3 different, one more amazing than the next, kinds of tea.

Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos

I then ran off to the Givenchy show and Graham went off to figure out the last details for the Fly party. We met at l9h30 at my favorite Italian. My friend Akiko of commons&sense just arrived from Tokyo today so she came to join us.

Akiko and Miguel use their hands as note pads.

Martin Webb, A Shaded View’s Japan correspondent was also in town.

Before we finished dinner Joseph from Seven and Gary arrived with their guests.

That is the owner of La Corte in the background.

Then we were off to the FLY party at Neo Club. commons&sense provided a car and all 6 of us piled in. Luckily I was given the front seat.


Akiko Hamaoka and Yoko Miyake of commons&sense magazine and Martin Webb, Vivienne Westwood and we were missing Kaoru Sasaki, the Editor in Chief of commons&sense, he was supposed to join us for dinner.

Looking for flying saucers

More fashion tomorrow.




Diane Pernet

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