Dammit, Thomas, you’re fast. I took a cab straight back to my hotel after the YWIW screening…grabbed some food at the deli next door….went to my room and Thomas had already posted his photos below. Sha-schwing!!!!

Upon my arrival at the Tribeca Grand, I met up with all the Paper Mag people. Diane’s longtime friend, the artist Pat Kurs, introduced herself to me. So stylish, so beautiful. She shot a few quick pictures of me before taking hold of my arm and physically directing me to kneel down in front of her. Initially, I thought, “Well, if she wants to get into this right here, so publicly, I mean, it’s kinda new for me, but I’m down….” It’s not considered cheating if you’re traveling, right? She then kneels down in front of me, so that we’re both on the floor, eye to eye. Over the noise of the cocktail party, she begins directing me, “Okay, look down, now look up with your eyes. Okay…again.” I’m thinking, “Wow, I love her.”


SKYE vodka had sponsored the event. That’s great if you like vodka, however my experience is that it makes me violent. (The police reports have long been sealed.) Emily from Paper asked me if I wanted a drink and I explained to her my predicament. She’s like, “Wow!” I’m like, “Yeah. You don’t want that here.” She kindly went off to the other bar to get me something else…

David introduced me and I explained quickly what YOU WEAR IT WELL was all about. Not surprisingly, most seemed to be familiar with A Shaded View. I was really happy that Marcelo Krasilcic introduced himself to me, as he seems like someone I should have met a long time ago. Without haste, I started gushing about how much I loved Brazil.

I didn’t have time to take any photos but I had asked Pat to do so and it appears that she was working hard. However, I made sure to take this one, asking everyone to wave to Diane:


(It almost looks like a big fat rollercoaster car just about to plummet down a terrifying drop…)

It was cool to hear people clapping after each and every film. At most screenings, people typically wait until the end, as if they’re attending the opera. Things were going smoothly, until half the way through the screening, when a young woman decided to try out some new comedy material. She would comment loudly here and there, gaining frequency as the screening went on. Much like an enthusiastic redneck at a local football game, she hollered “Yo….G!!” upon reading the title credit that the model wore a suit by Yohji Yamamoto in the SHOWstudio film with Alexander McQueen. I instantly imagined her wearing one of those foam baseball hats (in turquoise, no less), with two cans of cheap beer suspended atop either side and tubes running from the beer cans and into her mouth. As the film from Maison Martin Margiela ended, a couple of people began to clap until Spice Girl said, “Come onnnnnn, people! Give it up for Marrgiellluhhhhh….!” You can only imagine how many “sssshes” flew around her. “Don’t Ssssh me,” she declared and mumbled something under her breath.


I was sitting in the backrow, with the uber-lovely Lauren Cerand (of www.luxlotus.com), waiting for someone to retaliate. Upon her next outburst (which escapes me but no less profound that her previous offerings), a young male fashion voice screamed, “Shut up, already!” “No, youuu shut up,” she replied, “it’s fashion! Shit!” I kept saying to myself over and over, “Please start a fist fight. Please start a fist fight. Please launch sample sale accessories and manpurses across the screening room….”

It would have totally made my night to see an outburst more akin to the dusty sidelines of a demolition derby than one would expect at a tony New York hotel. And so I waited. And waited. I even waited through the guy who felt the need to make loud orgasm sounds (with his mouth, I think) through the silent “Sylvain Fuckin’ Hostile” film. (He garnered way more laughs than Spice Girl, in case you’re keeping score.) But alas, these weren’t cholas from rival gangs at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, arming themselves to duke it out while “Led Zepagain” (the Led Zepplin tribute band) filled the air with “Stairway to Heaven.” These were sophisticated fans of fashion and film, so I’m guessing they settled the matter on the dancefloor, with Diplo watching from above and playing an unreleased single from M.I.A.

A big thanks to David, Kim, Mickey, Carol, Kris and Emily at Paper Magazine for having YOU WEAR IT WELL as part of their unHollywood Festival. Let’s do it again for YOU WEAR IT WELL 2.

– Dino Dinco

photos Pat Kurs