Our day with Denis Rodriguez

Dear Shaded Viewers,

D & D by Denis Rodriguez

Dino and I went back to Z Deli for lunch and then met with Sao Paulo’s only street photographer, Denis Rodriguez at the Cafe Suplicy. I ran across the street to Santa Luzia looking for black rose soap and then Denis showed us a part of his city. Dino took most of the images but here are the very few from me.

Dino Dinco and Denis Rodriguez

Before going to Iguatemi filmefashion to see Lagerfeld Confidential, Denis took us to a voodoo shop. There were candles for everything but I could not bring myself to buy the all red or all black 7 cross candles, much as I loved them, the last thing I need to do is to invite the devil into my life or that of my friends…


Visit the Iguatemi filme fashion sitefor more details.



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