Petar Petrov joins the first International festival of Fashion and Photography organized by Grupo Correo Gallego – NOOVO Magazine November 1 -4 in Santiago de Compostela

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Petar Petrov will be showing his work at the first fashion and photography festival organized by

Grupo Correo Galliego-NOOVO Magazine in Santiago de Compostela. The co-founders of the NOOVO festival are Charo Gonzalez and Jorge Margolles, I am the co-curator and Robb Young is handling the international press.

I met Petar Petrov when he was a student of Raf Simons at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and I was on his jury.Bulgarian born Petar Petrov has been presenting his menswear since June of 2002 and in January of this year he launched his first women’s wear collection. Both collections are created in much the same way. What interests Petar is contrasts and he especially likes to mix high and low culture, elegance and the street. He is intrigued by the differences in cultures and how differnet people express their own individuality. Aesthetically he believes in purity and simplicity and his designs are effected by the vitality of life.



Diane Pernet

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