Luxury bags by Cerre

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Argo: Large buffalo tote with Japanese suede lining, custom Lampo zipper and Cerre eclipse hot branded on one side

Cerre is a luxury brand that produces a line of accessories and objects. They are not based on a season but release collections around fall and spring/summer. THe main focus of this Los Angeles based brand is luxury and craftsmanship and the idea is that when you purchase one of their bags they would like to think of it more like an heirloom, something that can age and become more beautiful and that you can hand down to one generation after another. .

Vela: Buffalo clutch with Japanese suede lining and custom Lampo zipper

Vela Detail: Silver Taurus ring on Buffalo

Each piece of leather is hand chosen and all of the hardware is sculpted first out of wax or clay by Clayton Webster and then cast either in solid silver or bronze. The production is limited to 20 of a style, some pieces like the bronze statues are one of a kind.

Orion: Italian nubuck with Japanese suede lining and custom Lampo zipper

Orion Detail: Bones Breaking, Skin Rotting Bronze

Preliminary version of Cerre record poster insert: graphite drawing by Geoff Kern

Currently Cerre is recording a record that will feature some notable players like Brian Mckinley from Royal Trux and Kevin Lasting from Women and Children. The record will be packaged in a sleeve made out of the same buffalo that is used for the bags and it will be accompanied by a poster inspired by the music drawn by Geoff Kern. It will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl and limited to 150 copies. The music will explore krautrock, free jazz and harmolodic areas of music.




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