Leonard Wong

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Leonard Wong is a 2013 graduate from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and his collection is produced in Japan and currently available on  NJAL. His collections refer to traditional styles but from there he creates something new that reflects his view of fashion through the media. He likes a minimal approach with a strong impack. In 2012 he was awarded the 'up and coming designer Gran prix' in Tokyo,  Ministry of Culture award and Air France award in 2013 he received another award from the Bunka Fukusou Gakuin contest ladies section. Another award came in 2013, Bunka Fashion College Design Award. "It is a never ending process that develops and metomorphizes. I hold a high regard for tradition, for without it our world would not have grown into what it is now. "





Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.