Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Petar in Vienna when he was studying under the master Raf Simons. Petar’s mother owns the factory which produces his designs, needless to say his production is close to perfection.




We were across the street from the Palais du Tokyo so we decided to enjoy a short break before the final show of the day.

Christophe Chemin worked on the last film of Bruce La Bruce, a few poloroids from the shoot. Dino and I would be happy if Bruce La Bruce submitted a short for You Wear it Well 2.

Christophe Chemin, Graham Taber and JJ. The hands of JJ.



If you are attending the Ann Demeulemeester show later today, keep in mind that at the exact hour of her show the Gay Pride parade will pass in front, don’t even think about taking a taxi.

Diane Pernet

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