Dino Dinco….moving super sucks….or does it?

Moving is time consuming. It’s expensive. Stuff gets broken. But it can also be one of the best things that ever happens to you.

Not only do you get the rare opportunity to touch every single object you own in a short span of time (personal inventory), but you can experience the pleasure of ejecting all the crap you really don’t need. Not to mention, think of all the profit (and glee) to be had from selling off all your ex-roommates stuff they were too lazy to move themselves at your big garage sale! Thanks, guys! Cha-chingle-bells.

One day, I’d love to pare things down to a bare minimum and live a life more…you know…more bedouin, existing on only a few essential items. A toothbrush. Some pistachios. A roll of APC tape. Black Sharpies. A bottle of Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom. Oh…and keys to the apartments of several friends who have nice showers and washer / dryer combos. Keep it light. Keep it nomadic.

One of the essential things in life, however, needs to be a sculpture from Los Angeles artist, Nancy Braver.

I reported on her stunning exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum some time back. (google it). This Sunday, the Nancy Braver Studio is having an Open House. Go check out what she’s been up to and bring your checkbook, as you most certainly will want something of hers for your very own bedoiun tent.

Nancy Braver Studio
Open Studio
Sunday, 10 June 07
3 – 6 PM
4761 York Blvd.
Los Angeles 90042

Oh, speaking of my new neighborhood…look who I crossed paths with on my way to breakfast. Hey, Paris, what’s going on? Want to grab some French toast? Hmm..you look kinda busy…


Looking forward to seeing my friends in Paris very soon. (No, no that one….)