Savile Row designers doing cycle wear

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Looking for the perfect attire to wear while riding your bike? Velorution’s “Pret a Rouler” the first ever cycle fashion cat walk event will be held on June 21. This is where you will find the best and
brightest in new commuter clothing, ranging from Savile Row to a student still at LCF.

Dashing Tweeds

While cycling has really taken off in London there is a serious lack of
stylish cycle wear! “Pret a Rouler” proposes ways you can bike and be stylish at the same time. Designers on board: Bill Amberg, Wayne Hemingway (red or dead), (collaboration with Paul Smith).


Among the “independent” designers – Jan Cicmanec from Hardy Amies
(Harvey Nichols, Sean Leane, Hugo Boss, Julian MacDonald), Karta Healy
(A>>B) who you may know of from his work with Nick Ashley, will debut his
“TOnFRO” range and Guy Hills of Dashing Karta is also a dedicated Gumball man. We met when I did the Gumball 3000 a few years back with Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto.


For the show Choreographer / Dancer Jason
Piper (Christina Aguilera, Shirley Bassey, Swan Lake) has agreed to take on
the choreographic challenge of creating the 3 catwalk shows; the models are
all on bikes!

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