The FH MENS ROOM GALLERY is pleased to present: 

"Ayudame Gran Ramera! : perverted phantasms can penetrate perfectly pious people" — an installation, video work,  live performance and audience participation from artists Edgar Fabian Frias, Francisco Ayala and Sergio Torres.

Based on over a year of research and study, Frias, Ayala, and Torres will  transform the gallery into a church-like space, filling it with altars that pay homage to the dead, the alive and those " to be."  Conceived as a meeting place for the subaltern, these altars will be created from detritus and purchased / bartered / found materials.  A seance will take place, in the name of energies unrecognized in their contemporaneous light, and will attempt to tap into the energies of those left behind, in both corporeal and psychic ways.

During the seance, La Gran Ramera (the Great Whore of Babylon) will rise from her shunned, desecrated grave. She will embody the shell of an indigenous / Gypsian-fag and fornicate with La Bestia Salvaje (the Wild Beast, who appears in The Bible’s Book of Revelations) in all of his hegemonically-oppressive, yet ultimately non-transgressive, chicano queer manifestation.

Visitors will be asked to call upon the aforementioned dead, alive, and "to be." Non-beings will be cast away as a capitalist farce and asked to pay homage to those who have created them — the queer(ed) dyke mothers, fag fathers, and trans-thers, all who give guidance for present day nostalgia, apathy, anger, isolation, and confusion.