Dysfashional curated by Luca Marchetti & Emanuele Quinz MoSIGN

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You Wear it Well was invited to Luxembourg as part of the project DYSFASHIONAL by mosign. THe installations will stay up until 27-5-07. So, if you are near Luxembourg, I suggest that you pass by Rotonde 1, 62 rue de Bonnevoie, Luxembourg.

I went from the train directly to the location and caught a few of the dancers rehersing and wanted to give you a little before the show tour of the space.

Raf Simons REPEAT and one of the dancers in rehersal walking around the interior of the neon structure and showing the many possilities of wearing a length of cloth. Near the end he hung himself with it.

The idea behind all of the dance performances was for the dancer to react to the garment that they were wearing. Often they were nude for part of the performance. The work that really amazed me was a piece choreographed by Damien Jalet, his wonderful dancer was Alexandra Gilbert. It’s funny because at the dinner following the opening I happened to be seated next to Damien, I had no idea that he had choreographed the piece. I told him that my absolute favorite was the last dancer, he smiled as that was indeed his contribution to the performance.

Damien Jalet and Alexandra Gilbert
You cannot get the idea of the profoundly visceral piece through this one image so I’ve asked Damien to record the dance today and I will try and post it for you as soon as I receive it. Alexandra is wearing Undercover. What is funny about that is the day before I left for Luxembourg I sent an e mail to Jun at Undercover asking him if he would like to propose a film for You Wear it Well 2…this could be it. Or maybe we can have TWO.

Bless Para-Site Design Bless, Wallscapes 2007 photos of apartments Luxembourgeois

The chair wearing a cape is by Gaspard Yurkievich . This unique piece was made in collaboration with Florence Doleac.

Antonio Marras’s Le Orfanelle 5 nightgowns lit up and suspended by a circular hanger with a bicycle wheel as their base.
Gaspard Yurkievich and his cube.

Hussein CHalayan’s film Anaesthetics 2004

Raf Simons Repeat l995-2005

Maison Martin Margiela installation composed of 3 rooms trompe l’oeil that express the actual interior where MMM creation takes place

Nick Knight SHOWstudio The sound of clothes Anechoic 2006 is an interactive installation where you trace on a light box and then projected on a screen is the sound of textiles, this is the sound of leather.

Sissel Tolaas, who by the way is working with SHOWstudio on a olfactory project is pictured above. Next to her is a demonstration of her The In-Betweens, 2007 which has 4 mobile units representing Berlin, NYC, Paris and London. Micro-capsules which have been chemically made diffuse the scent of the city. I can tell you that Paris smells the worst. It is a mix of dog shit and perfume. I personally thought it could have used a bit more urine in the formula to be more authentic. New York smelled the best.

Hussein Chalayan Airmail Dresses and Grit and Jerszy Seymour Tape 2003

You Wear it Well

You Wear it Well and co-curator Emanuele Quinz with his family

Jeff Burton/Jean Colonna command for festival d’Hyeres 2001 co-production Villa Noailles-Festival International des arts de la mode Hyeres/Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

co-curator Luca Marchetti smiling, the opening was a success. Justin Morinn and Alexandra Gilbert



Today there was a brunch for the launch of Nico, a new magazine in Luxembourg. Angelina A. Rafi, the Fashion Editor made sure that I did not miss my train.



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